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Facility Assessments

Whether you are looking for potential cost savings or you want a report on the overall operational efficiency of your maintenance program, we can assess the program and provide recommendations on how things can improve.

If you do not have a maintenance program we can help you implement a simple program that works for your site.

Whichever is the preferred assessment, the report will identify to the owner or manager any recommendations for immediately action, as well as details to be used in developing short and long range capital plans.  Our assessment reports will:

  1. break down facility elements that need attention into different categories;
  2. prioritize the results; and 
  3. estimate costs to repair or replace.

Operational Assessments

Through our Facility Assessments we look at everything from the building envelope to mechanical systems and everything in between.  Assessments can range in scope from either a bird's eye view where the facility is looked at by a single very experienced auditor or a very detailed report where "experts" are brought in to look at all the critical elements with a much more detailed approach.  

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